Take a driver, not a cab.

Let a driver take you home in your own car

takeme app allows users to search for drivers to take them to their destination in their own car when they are not in a position to do so (alcohol level, accident, etc.)

Drive safe. Take a driver.

Consumers who had too much to drink and cannot drive their cars back home Insurance companies preventing their customers to drive when they are not capable of doing it.

Consumers who need a driver in specific situations.

Consumers who have drink and can not drive their cars back home. Dangerous alcohol levels.

Not feeling well.

Stressed, tired, sudden illness.

They just don't want to drive their own car.

Feeling lazy? It's ok, we can drive you home in your own car.

Our Work

To develop an App that connects drivers consumers unable to drive, allowing them to request a driver from a certain place, who will drive them in their own cars to a specific address and/or multiple addresses.

Process description


Consumer downloads the App from the store and registers. The user goes out driving his/her car to restaurant, pub, night club. The App recognizes a potential business opportunity (IA) and delivers a notification reminding consumer about the service. The user requests a driver pickup indicating destination.



The App returns (in a map) drivers availability, their performance and cost of trip. The user selects a driver, and confirms the trip. The driver receives confirmation and accepts the trip. The user receives confirmation and driver's full details including picture.



The driver picks up the user, and confirms trip initiation. The App triggers an UBER or Cabify request to consumer destination. The driver drops user at destination and confirms trip conclusion. The user confirms trip conclusion and (may) rates their performance.



The driver returns in UBER or Cabify to pick up location. He is now available for the next trip.


Experience & Innovations

The result was an easy to use mobile app with full functionality performance regarding monitoring, control and status of both client and driver.

Simple User Interface

We considered aspects of the user that directly affected usability, such as clarity in wording, use of illustrations or large texts, since in many cases, our user is elderly or disabled.

takeme UX App Design Screens

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