Mobile Application for Patients & Back Office Admin

Keep track of all activities and interactions with patients

HUApp (the system) is the mobile application developed for end users of Hospital Universitario Austral (patients) that will allow them, among other things, to keep track of all activities and interactions with it: manage and confirm medical appointments and their reminders, save the data of your MD or frequent consultation, save your medical history and visits.

All your Clinical History and medical appointments in one place.

Save your clinical tests or access them, keep a list of medications and daily reminders to take them and your personal data such as contact telephone numbers in case of an emergency, blood group, allergies to medications, etc.


Patients often have problems registering and confirming their appointment at the Hospital. They must log in to the Hospital's website to find a professional and request appointments.
The totem is an accessible solution, but it generates waiting and double queues.
Patients forget their results and tests before a visit to the doctor. They may not have information on hand about general medical history.


Due to the fact that today there is no platform where both professionals and patients can exchange information with each other or for personal information of the patient.
It is expected that current processes will be streamlined through the app, generating greater interaction between patients, professionals and providers, improving communication between everyone and feeding a new DB with highly useful feedback data, improving the general management of the hospital.


Convert the patient's cell phone into a virtual task manager.
Accelerate the process times of reservation management and self-admission of medical appointments.
Inform everyone involved in the circuit (patients, MD's, Hospital admins) of the procedures initiated by a patient.
Provide the patient with all the necessary information that affects their procedures.
Availability of information at any time and place.

Our Work

We have designed its mobile application user interface, backoffice web site design, print presentation materials and demo reels.

Experience & Usability

Upon entering the hospital, the device is detected by proximity and a "push notification" is sent with a reminder of your medical appointments to be confirmed. The patient selects and confirms the appointment. The system validates the confirmation and informs you (if possible) of the MD, office, floor and waiting time.

Medical History and Appointments

Your medical record, along with data on consultations made, dates, topics treated, diagnoses, medications, links to plates or results and MD involved.

HUApp UX Design Screens

Scroll pages using left and right arrows

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