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Consumer Mobile App UX Design

A mobile app to quickly access the best financial services from your cell phone.

We defined usability concepts to create a financial mobile app where clients deposit their cash in their virtual accounts through our non-banking correspondent network and, from their mobile phones, make and receive payments, online and in store purchases and access the best financial services.

From digital concept idea to market release

We provided UX/UI design services, from the conceptualization of the business idea to the comprehensive design of the product, developing intuitive applications with elegant interfaces that provide value and engage users.


All your financial services in the same place.


Make transfers and payments more easily using a mobile app A borderless account, for everyone, with all the services in your hand.


Design and develop a user experience and user interface easy to use, that is friendly to users with no previous mobile app experiences, and very easy to operate with as few steps as possible to send money, pay bills and do online purchases.

Corporate Identity

We developed and produced the bank's corporate identity, contemplating all its applications, whether digital or not: Posters, office design, promotional elements, vessels plotters, t-shirts, mousepads, etc.

Website design

Design and development of the graphical interface of the Front End and Backoffice in html5, responsive for all devices and resolutions.

Mobile app Design

Design and development of the graphical interface of the Front End and Backoffice in sketch to export assets and develop code on native iOS and Android platforms.

UX Design - User Flows

User flows regarding Login, Registration process and basic Operations.

UX Design - Wireframes

Once the initial desired functionalities for the MVP (minimum viable product) were validated by the client through user stories, we began to work on the visualisation and usability of the tool. The first thing we considered was navigation, since El Callao App has produced a solution that includes different embedded products (savings, investments, payments, loans), which the client contracts according to its needs.

Initial wireframes considering mvp functionalities.

Our Work

We have designed and developed its mobile application user interface, web site design, print presentation materials and demo reels.

Easy to use experience

El Callao offers key micro financial services to fully penetrate the underserved segment. We had to take into account that the devices to be used were not going to be state-of-the-art, since the services are aimed at people with fewer resources and outside the banking system.

Simple user interface

We considered aspects of the user that directly affected usability, such as clarity in wording, use of illustrations or large texts, since in many cases, our user is elderly or disabled.

El Callao App UX Design Screens

Scroll pages using left and right arrows

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